Kwestia koloru w architekturze

Kolor w architekturze znaczy coś więcej - nadaje on obiektowi indywidualny charakter, podkreśla jego rolę i wysoką jakość, pozwala zachować wartość. Nasze farby proszkowe koncertowo spełniają te wymogi w zakresie kreatywności i funkcjonalności. Rozważania nad rolą koloru i faktury snują projektanci na całym świecie. Przedstawione filmy zawierają wywiady z architektami i projektantami, traktujące o nietuzinkowym rozumieniu roli koloru. Miłej zabawy przy oglądaniu!

C+C interiors

Christina van Baal & Carolin Scheffold, founders of C+C Interiors: "Colour inspiration can happen anywhere. Even from unusual things like dresses, fabrics, prints or food."

Jens Fehling

Founder of Bollinger + Fehling Architects: "A building needs structure, material and colour to be one. If you've found the right colour, you are at the end of the process."

Daniel Kas

Associate partner of RKW Düsseldorf: "You have to relate to the project, do it with compassion and rationale and it will come out great."

Jaime Hayon

Artist-designer at Hayonstudio: "Colour has that functional part of it but also this expressive part."

Suren Karmalker

Founder of Karmalker Ritterbach Architects: "Colours create moods. We were born with the ability of sensing colours."

Frank Belien

Master of Architecture and founder of Living Tomorrow, Brussels: "Advantages of Powder Coatings in Architecture and the link between colours and emotions."

Wolfram Putz

Master of Architecture and co-founder of the GRAFT group Berlin Beijing, Los Angeles: "The meaning of colours in Architecture and why people have to get rid of the idea, that there is a "right choice" of colour."

Jason Danziger

Master of Architecture and founder of Think build Architecture Berlin: "Why colours are very similar to spices."

Juan Pablo Molestina

Master of Architecture and founder of Molestina Architekten Cologne: "Colour is coming from the material itself and why we have to be careful with it..."