Farbe in der Architektur

In der Architektur ist Farbe nicht einfach Farbe – sie verleiht Identität, hebt die Bedeutung hervor, repräsentiert Qualität und Werterhalt. Unsere Pulverlacksysteme erfüllen diese kreativen und funktionellen Anforderungen in exzellenter Weise auf höchstem Niveau. Die Bedeutung von Farbe und Textur wird von Gestaltern überall auf der Welt reflektiert. Die hier gezeigten Video-Interviews mit Architekten und Designern demonstrieren in bemerkenswerter Weise das individuelle Verständnis von Farbe. Viel Spaß beim Ansehen!

C+C interiors

Christina van Baal & Carolin Scheffold, founders of C+C Interiors: "Colour inspiration can happen anywhere. Even from unusual things like dresses, fabrics, prints or food."

Jens Fehling

Founder of Bollinger + Fehling Architects: "A building needs structure, material and colour to be one. If you've found the right colour, you are at the end of the process."

Daniel Kas

Associate partner of RKW Düsseldorf: "You have to relate to the project, do it with compassion and rationale and it will come out great."

Jaime Hayon

Artist-designer at Hayonstudio: "Colour has that functional part of it but also this expressive part."

Suren Karmalker

Founder of Karmalker Ritterbach Architects: "Colours create moods. We were born with the ability of sensing colours."

Frank Belien

Master of Architecture and founder of Living Tomorrow, Brussels: "Advantages of Powder Coatings in Architecture and the link between colours and emotions."

Wolfram Putz

Master of Architecture and co-founder of the GRAFT group Berlin Beijing, Los Angeles: "The meaning of colours in Architecture and why people have to get rid of the idea, that there is a "right choice" of colour."

Jason Danziger

Master of Architecture and founder of Think build Architecture Berlin: "Why colours are very similar to spices."

Juan Pablo Molestina

Master of Architecture and founder of Molestina Architekten Cologne: "Colour is coming from the material itself and why we have to be careful with it..."